DCT: Legibility at MOTI, Breda opening the 3th of October.

Rosa Menkman, Discrete Cosine Transform, 2015. [click image to download the ttf]
A new work for the exhibition "Design my Privacy" opening at MOTI museum on the 3rd of October. 
The legibility of an encrypted message does not just depend on the complexity of the encryption algorithm, but also on the placement of the data of the message. The Discreet Cosine Transform is a mathematical technique. In the case of the JPEG compression, a DCT is used to describe a finite set of patterns, called macroblocks, that could be described as the 64 character making up the JPEG image, adding lumo and chroma values as ‘intonation’. If an image is compressed correctly, its macroblocks become ‘invisible’. The incidental trace of the macroblocks is generally ignored as artifact or error. Keeping this in mind, I developed DCT. DCT uses the esthetics of JPEG macroblocks to mask its secret message as error. The encrypted message, hidden on the surface of the image is only legible by the ones in the know.

A first iteration of this work was made for the iRD, at Transfer Gallery in 2015. 


╱̷∕╲∖╱╲∕∖̸╲̷╲̸╱̷∕Upcoming dates!

09-10 October - Facilitating the Critical Writing Academy in Murmansk, Russia.
12 September - iRD patches && Resolution Challenge at the Transfer booth during the Internet Yami Ichi New York.
11-13 September - Visuals and roundtabel at Gogbot Festival, Enschede Netherlands.

05 September - Screening of Lunar Storm at Baltā Nakts, Riga, Latvia.
04-06 September - Presenting Xilitla at the Moving Image Fair Istanbul, Turkey, with Transfer Gallery.
03 September - I'M Ten Exhibition & Auction at IMT Gallery, London, UK. 6 - 9pm.
19 Augustus - Keynote ISEA, Vancouver, Canada. iRD.


Press and reviews of the iRD at Transfer Gallery March 28 through April 18, 2015

“By using the terms ‘obfuscation’ and ‘dysfunction’ you are invoking a will – perhaps on your part, but also on the part of the resolutions themselves – to be recognised. I love that gesture. I can hear the objects in iRD speaking out; making themselves heard, perhaps for the first time.”

“The boundaries of the screen are challenged in Rosa Menkman’s new exhibition at TRANSFER Gallery, using technological error to disrupt expectations.”

“Rosa Menkman’s new media artwork celebrates both the computer screen glitch and the actual resolution of the image it’s trying—and failing—to represent, highlighting the accidents in the “free space” between them.”